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The Benefits of Home Health Care

The Benefits of Home Health Care

One of the most important objectives of home health care is to provide patients in need with high-quality, compassionate and personal care. We do this by providing personalized service in the comfort of a patient’s own home.

Home Care Benefits to Patients

Home Care Benefits to Patients

Our services allow our home health patients to remain as independent and as functional as possible, enabling them to experience an enhanced sense of dignity and security. Many of our patients are able to avoid unnecessary hospital readmissions allowing them to recuperate from illness in the place where they want to be. Simple things like sleeping in their own bed can bring comfort and reassurance to many people.

Home Care Benefits for Family and Caregivers

Home Care Benefits for Family and Caregivers

In our experience, it is often family members who naturally become primary caregivers to their loved ones. Our dedicated and trained staff can offer a helping hand so families can enjoy a more meaningful and quality time together.

At Caress Health Care Services, we provide a holistic approach to home health care assistance. While we offer a wide range of home health care services to our patients, our services and commitment go far beyond what you would usually expect from a care agency.

We believe that every one of our patients deserves the very best care at all times. That is why we are dedicated to providing personal service that is tailored to the exact requirements of our patients and which ensures the highest standard in care.

Dedicated Care in Familiar Surroundings

We offer our services to patients throughout the Indiana Lake County area and surrounding suburbs. By offering home health care assistance, we can give our patients the curative, restorative and preventive care and assistance they need in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home. Being able to maintain a level of dignity, independence and simple enjoyment of home comforts is important to our patients and our services ensure a good quality of life is maintained every day.

Our opening hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and we also have an on-call clinician who can provide clinical assistance after office hours and during weekends and holidays.


We are proud to give our patients access to a patient centered care. These services are arranged in an intermittent basis. We offer our patients service from skilled nurses and therapist, social worker and trained Certified Nursing Assistants(CNA).

Professional and Compassionate Healthcare

Our registered and licensed professionals are dedicated to the happiness, health and comfort of each and every one of the patients in our care, and to offering support to families and caregivers.

Registered Nurses (RN)

  • Oversee and coordinate every element of a patient’s care
  • Patient assessment, case management and care coordination
  • Fingerstick Protime/INR monitoring
  • Assessing nutrition, hydration, and bowel and bladder function

Home Health Aide Services

Home health aides (HHA) work directly under the supervision of a registered nurse and assist with all personal care: bathing, dressing, toileting, ambulation,